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ONAIR just took off. The destination is yet unknown. Have a good flight!


Gründung/Foundation: 02/2013

AAVF 2013 1st prize
vokal.total 2013 1st prize and "Diploma in Gold" in category "Pop"


Anders Edenroth (The Real Group):
"It was truly inspiring to meet ONAIR. They have a unique tonal quality and a fantastic sense of rhythm. Echa member span widely from classic to pop effortlessly. But on top of that they seem to have the essential love and understanding for the music they create. That is the key to music."

Bill Hare (the Quicy Jones of the a cappella world) :
"ONAIR was an unexpected treat for me - I had been told they were a "new" group, but the moment they started singing I knew these were not new singers! So professional, so smooth, and great energy at the same time - I see a great future for this group!"

Tine Fris (POSTYR):
"ONAIR is an interesting new vocal group out of Berlin consisting of some of the best a cappella singers on the German scene. I am very curious to see what the future will bring for them, because it seems that only the sky is the limit. Great voices, clever arrangements, heartfelt soloists and a captivating and energetic stage presence. OnAir is ready for take off and I definitely want to come along for this ride."

Jussy Chydenius (Rajaton):
"ONAIR is a wonderful new group oozing their passion for music - combined with great professionalism. I can see a bright future for them in the world of a cappella."

Prof. Eleanor Forbes (Jazz Institute Berlin, HfM Dresden)
"Take six individual voices that breathe and blend as one. Add a collective decade of a cappella experience, an extended palette of vocal colours, the whole gamut of dynamic range and a generous helping of arranging skills. Season with contagious energy, intuitive stage presence and a smattering of beatbox flavour. Mix together well, marinate for just a few months, then sit back and enjoy…. ONAIR!"

Felix Powroslo (Coach for Wise Guys and maybebop)
„Hochmusikalisch, präzise und groovy, und gleichzeitig wunderbar weich und flexibel in der Interpretation. Selten hat mich ein Vokalensemble so berührt wie ONAIR.“

Lukas Teske (maybebop):
"Von diesem Ensemble bin ich vor kurzem förmlich überfahren worden. Endlich eine neue Gruppe, bei der man sich nicht zwischen schönem Satzgesang und tollen Solostimmen entscheiden muss. Sie hat einfach beides.
Nebenbei strahlt sie ungeheuren Spaß an der Musik und ein Zusammengehörigkeitsgefühl aus, das einem das Herze springt."

Andrea Figallo (Wise Guys):
"As soon as they entered the stage I had the feeling I was in front of a group of ambitious and talented musicians. I find their collective energy very attractive and I can't wait to see ONAIR perform a full show!"

Erik Bosio (Cluster):
"In a world where everybody wants to put together a band but very few want to put the effort into it, On Air is like a breath of fresh air.
Interesting, well written arrangements, intonation, exceptional individual voices that blend beautifully and a solid vocal drumming that doesn't just "add a beat", make this band one of the most exciting new acts in the a cappella world."

Jonathan Minkoff (Singer in Blue Jupiter, Reviewer, Producer):
The musical equivalent of one part ballerina, one part breakdancer, ONAIR build intricate, haunting, artful creations and then joyfully both destroy and uplift them with an irresistible explosion of dance pop power. This is the kind of vocal group that ignites the whole genre.


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