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Albert Hera Quintet


Imagine being told a story just through the sounds and rhythms of the human voice which, moving beyond the power of words, conjures up the most intriguing and charming of musical tales. This is the Albert Hera Quintet.
You will be amazed by the fascinating timbral blending of their five talented voices and their characteristic personal touch, by the chemistry of their unique improvisational style and by the amazing vocal arrangements that go far beyond the boundaries of swing and other traditional jazz languages. Their repertoire ranges from crossover and avant-garde jazz to sacred music, via their own original songs.
Each performance is enhanced with ad hoc humoristic sketches that offer a wave of fresh energy to the audience, which - needless to say - are directly involved in the show; thus, each concert is a unique and a tremendously involving experience.
The band is made up of Albert Hera (lead vocalist), Guido Giordana (baritone), Marco Forgione (tenor & beat-boxer), Ilaria Lorefice (soprano) and Cristina Rulfi (alto). They have been collaborating on Albert’s CircleSong performances since 2009, and also recorded several tracks with him for his latest CD, 'AriA', in 2011. After many years of close collaboration and profound friendship, in 2012 they came up with this new, original a cappella project.


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