A cappella popularity (on the net)



Juicy beats cover
sweet tones.
Exotic Jungle interacts with
aromatic Soul.
Hard Techno meets
soft Ballads.
Floating Swing lures
lusty HipHop. 

Inspired by a broad sound spectrum and various styles, the vocal band JuiceBox. was formed in 2008 by six singers from northern Germany with the ambition to break new ground in acappella music. This is why all their songs are penned by themselves — one will seek all in vain for the mainstream of German acappella.
JuiceBox. is filled by two female and four male voices. The singers bring along a wide repertoire of experience as stage or studio musicians, be it with Funk- & Soulbands, in musicals, in the vocal scene or as voice actor for characters of popular audio books. As miscellaneous and different as they are, as vivid and independent is the music they share and which they fathom again and again.
During the short time of their being, the band had the great luck to be invited to numerous international festivals, such as the zurcher acapellanight, the voc.cologne, the International A-Cappella-Week in Hannover, the A-Cappella-Festival Wolfhagen [together with The Magnets] etc. In 2010 JuiceBox. placed 1st in the federal state contest of the Deutscher Chorwettbewerb in the category “Jazz et cetera”, as well as in the A-Cappella Contest Leipzig, in the German A-Cappella Award in the category “Professionals”, and in the A-Cappella Award Ulm. In May 2010 JuiceBox. released their first album ‘cryptic little notes’. 


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