A cappella popularity (on the net)

The House Jacks


The House Jacks is “the original rock band without instruments” (San Francisco Chronicle) that creates powerful original music using only their 5 voices.  The band’s pioneering innovations laid the groundwork for the current a cappella renaissance, and their music can be heard in the movie “Pitch Perfect,” on the television show “The Sing Off” (US, China, Netherlands, France), and on radio stations around the world.

With over 3,000 performances since 1991, Deke Sharon, Austin Willacy, Elliott Robinson, John Pointer & Nick Girard have energized and inspired live audiences across North America, South America, Europe and Asia. From Carnegie Hall to the World Expo, from Brazil to Sri Lanka, Rolling Stone to CNN to Monday Night Football (ESPN); from Sony to Ford to Verizon, and in live performance with Ray Charles, James Brown, Train, The Temptations, the Neville Brothers, Crosby Stills and Nash, the Pointer Sisters, The Four Tops and LL Cool J, The House Jacks continue to electrify audiences with their pioneering sound, powerful original songs and dynamic versions of popular songs.


Call out the name of a song or an artist you’d like to hear and The House Jacks will improvise a version of your request on the spot, even if they’ve never heard it!


If you close your eyes, you won’t believe that everything you’re hearing is being sung live!  The House Jacks feature amazing instrument imitations (drums, flute, guitar, bass, trumpet, muted trumpet, even synthesizers) that are woven into their songs to create a full and varied experience for audiences of all ages.  

Add it all up and you have a laughter-filled evening of engaging and amazing music that will leave audiences begging for more.


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