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Metro is an a cappella group originally hailing from the United States.  The members, Eric Monson, Kevin Thornton, Sean Oliver and Michael Lance, are supremely talented individuals whose songs embrace such genres as Pop, Doo-Wop, Classic Rock, Barbershop, R&B, Broadway and Jazz.  Their unique arrangements of the world's most popular tunes bring a new evocative energy, thrilling and exciting audiences internationally.

Now based in Hong Kong, Metro released their first album, "Music for a Metropolis" in 2009 in which they covered songs such as "Stand By Me" and Joey Yung's "My Pride."  This successful album was then overshadowed by the tremendous response they received after convering one of Rock legend Beyond''s classic songs, "Under a Vast Sky."  In this rendition(sung in Cantonese), Metro pays tribute to the musical visionary, Wong Ka Kui.  The video garnered over 17 million views on websites like YouTube, Tudou and Youku, causing a storm of notoriety within Chinese communities around the world.  Consequently, Metro has received numerous invitations to perform for such renowned companies as Sotheby's, Audi, UBS, Bank of America, Swire, Swatch, Vitasoy, Nespresso and other high profile brands.  They have also performed on TV stations such as CCTV, Hunan TV, Dragon TV, Jiangsu TV, TVB, ATV, Hefei TV, Shenzhen TV and numerous others.

Metro performed as the guest artist for G.E.M. in her concerts in Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou and Foshan.  These wonderful opportunities have been the inspiration for the production of their first all Chinese album, "No Borders,"  which landed in the top ten of the Hong Kong pop charts when released.  Unsing professional sound equipment sponsored by Sennheiser, their unique arrangements in this new album brought a brand new listening experience to their many eagerly awaiting fans.


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